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You've Got Hate!

A while back, around the time that I started getting all political, I received my first piece of Hate Mail. It was a real turning point for me. It made me know that I could be controversial. It helped me know that I was someone!

I don’t even remember who sent this, but here it is. So far, it’s the only hate mail I’ve gotten. But, then again, since this time people have kind of figured Bush out.

The white is what was written and the red is my rebuttal.

By the way, all spelling errors on the part of the hater have been left in. It’s much funnier that way.

1/22/01–In response to my letter to “President” Bush. YOU ARE A MORON!!!

I always like it when people I don’t know call me a moron because my political views differ from theirs. Thank you for keeping such a level head.


I don’t believe I ever once said this in my letter. If you could show me where I did I would be glad to change it. I DO, however, believe that Bush represents an even smaller portion of the American People. Believe it or not, the Christian Right, the NRA and Corporate America (the Big Three for Mr. Bush) are all minorities in this country.

Get your head on straight and keep voting out CROOKS until we do get honest representation in office.

I would love to vote the crooks out. Where are the honest people? They don’t tend to run for office. If you’ll notice all politicians are rich guys who got their fortunes either by finding “legal” ways of stealing it from others or being born into it. (Both of which Bush did. How do you think the Ballpark in Arlington got built? Taxpayers’ money. Who paid legal fees when he and his cronies were sued for basically stealing the land through a bill that he passed? Taxpayers.)

At least W. wasn’t out soliciting campaign donations from Red China Through budhist temples while he was supposed to be helping to lead our nation.

No, Bush just got all of his campaign money from big companies that he allowed to keep pouring huge amounts of pollution into our air and water by grandfathering them out of having to fix their problems. Granted, this law was passed years before, but it was supposed to be temporary. When faced with the option of making them fix it he said, “Let them regulate themselves.” Meanwhile I’m breathing smog in what was at one time the cleanest city in America and Houston is worse then L.A. The companies have been “regulating themselves” pretty much since Bush took over the Texas government. Nothing has gotten any better…only worse.

Or sitting in the oval office getting a hummer while deciding the fate of Kosovo. Boy “THAT IS A REASSURING THOUGHT FOR OUR SERVICE PEOPLE”!

Is this a quote? I looked in my letter and didn’t see it anywhere.

Personally I would rather be led by a guy who’s getting a hummer than a guy who hasn’t gotten any in years and is libel to throw the switch just because he’s sexually frustrated. That’s not a slight to Georgie. I have no idea about his sex life…as it SHOULD be. I don’t believe that the American public should have been hearing about cigars and stains on national television. That’s something to be left to the pay sights on the internet.

Why did Ken Starr feel that it was our business? Stupid? Jealous? Vengeful? I don’t know. Other countries were laughing at us for caring so much about the private affairs of our political leaders. I don’t think what he did was right. I believe in monogamous relationships. If you cheat you should be punished. But let his freakin’ wife deal with him! Don’t put him on trial for it!! Not in public, anyway. His family should NEVER have had to go through that. Did Ken think about Hillary and Chelsea? Not a damn bit.

And I do believe that most of our country felt the same way. The Starr Report may have been a best seller, but I didn’t buy a copy. Did you? I don’t know anyone who did. A majority of people didn’t.

Bush, on the other hand, wants to send up a defense system that we don’t need and won’t work anyway. All it will do is send a message to all of those little guys with nuclear weapons that we expect them to send them to us. That’s why other countries have been imploring us not to let the military go through with it. Think of that: we don’t want WWIII.

Sorry that there are so many misled idiots in the world

There were more of us “mislead idiots” than there were Bush supporters. And that’s the truth.

Not mention that some of his budget policies (which he hates reading, by the way) were already tried before…just before the country took a dive into the Great Depression. There’s something we can all look forward to.

Don’t even get me started on the NRA. He may at times say that he’s for more gun control, but he never shows it when it comes time to vote. He’s been against every kind of control that’s been passed across his desk.

Do you really think that Dick “Three Heart Attack” Cheney was a good choice for VP? He’s had as many heart attacks as George has had arrests. We have a Sec. of Interior who has never voted for a good environmental bill and an Attorney General who doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his white friends. And which one voted against the ERA? I believe it was Cheney. (I think I may have credited Ashcroft with this in my letter…but they both hate kids.) How can a woman be for this guy?

If you want some more detailed info on the horrible stuff that Dubya has done here in Texas (including keeping millions of kids off of health insurance–he tried to explain why to a mother whose son was dying right before her eyes. Something about tax cuts, all of which only helped the rich folk) read Shrub by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose and Is Our Children Learning? by Paul Begala.

After reading them think about the damage that he could have done if the Texas governor actually had power. (In case you don’t know, that means that he has ZERO experience in a position of real power.) All he did was what the companies who have him in his back pocket told him to do.

I voted for the lesser of two evils…I know this. I voted for a man who didn’t disappear on his duty to his country (and then lie about it later…at least Bill didn’t lie about it…he dodged the draft honestly–heh heh heh) or laugh when confronted about the words of a condemned woman.

Now, go and never darken my towels again.

(At least not until the end of the four years when we’re all wondering where our money went and are ready for a new Pres.)

Note: Not once did I attack you personally. Funny how that’s possible.