Axe! (1977)


Overall Rating:

Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: Frederick R. Friedel
Written by: Frederick R. Friedel

A young girl is raped by a group of killers running from the cops. They hide out with Lisa and her paralyzed grandfather, taking advantage of them in every way possible. But the rape was too far. She starts to get her bloody revenge with the titular implement.

You know, I’ve seen Last House On The Left. Did I need to see another one? And did it need to seem really, really long even at an hour and eight minutes? There’s some gore here, but not very much. (They barely had time!) Hardly worth the “Nasty” reputation. And boring as all hell. There’s a five minute scene with Lisa shaving her father…but he still has a beard! I don’t know. Maybe she was shaving his neck. I had kind of lost interest by the third minute.


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