About Professor Wagstaff

Back in 1997, I started writing reviews of all of the movies I saw in the theatre. I wrote hundreds of reviews, mostly of movies, but also of books, music, politics…just anything that caught my fancy at the time.

Well, times change and so do I. So I decided to take a lot of stuff down and basically start over. At some point, if I have time (like, after retirement), I’ll go through some stuff, possibly rewrite, and then repost. Until then, this website is pretty much a blank slate!

So, who am I? I’m a movie fan from Austin, TX who’s old school, but tries to keep up with the times. I like all kinds of movies, but horror and exploitation are probably my favorites…although my favorite movie ever is neither: Stand By Me. Because I’m nostalgic as hell. Especially for times that I didn’t grow up in.

If you want to join a group that would have you as a member, go find my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Geek-Of-All-Media-70743708996/

Twitter: @profwagstaff42

With any luck, if facebook or Twitter destroy themselves after the whole privacy/infiltration/2016 election scandal, I’ll leave these links up for 15 years like I did with my MySpace link.

Enjoy and please leave me some real comments! I’m tired of all of the Russian bots invading my site.