Lancelot Links

Links to portals to other people’s minds.

The Movie Press–My buddy, Greg, used to write for Urban Pollution. Since they went all belly up and stuff, he now writes for his own self. Check him out.

Hooligan Youth Reviews–Another buddy’s website. Josh mostly blogs about bitching, but then he’ll see a movie and review it. Good for the soul.

Geekscape–Jonathan London’s podcast. You can see me on episode 2, but check ’em all out. Jon doesn’t need me to be awesome. And don’t forget to peruse the site. It’s not just a podcast. It’s an entire environment for geeks to build and thrive. (For his old podcast, check out Geekdrome.)

Los Unicos Productions–My buddy, Jess’, myspace film site. Check out his films. Give him money.

Aint It Cool News–Harry Knowles: the Big Geek, himself.

IMDb–The grand-daddy of all movie sites. You probably don’t need a link to it, but I’m putting it here anyway.

AllMusic–As far as I’m concerned, the grand-daddy of all music sites. Check it out and be amazed. If you know of a better one, let me know.

Film Threat–The site people love to hate.

The Iconophile–“An angry web geek’s multimedia reliquary of the lesser, harder-to-find goddesses and saints of the celebrity pantheon”

Songfacts–Ever wonder what the hell Bruce Springsteen’s “Blinded By The Light” really means? Here’s where you can find out.