Big Hero 6 (2014)

Directed by: Don Hall/Chris Williams

Written by: Jordan Roberts/Dan Gerson/Robert L. Baird

Based on comics by: Man Of Action

This movie is way better than it apparently gets credit for. I had no idea how divisive it was. I’ve never known anyone who saw it and didn’t like it. Apparently, though, there are a bunch of people who just think it’s the worst movie ever.

Untrue. It’s one of my favorite of the current Disney Revival.

It’s the story of a boy named Hiro who loses his beloved brother. All he has left is the nurse robot that his brother built, Baymax. When he starts to unravel the mystery of his brother’s death, he starts making modifications to Baymax that might be dangerous. His brother’s friends tag along with him and they become the Big Hero 6.

It’s a great story of becoming a hero by finding the hero that you already are. And, of course, understanding that killing people is wrong.

Disney has always kind of been able to temper darkness with light and BH6 is no different. There’s so much darkness and angst in Hiro and his story, but Baymax is so sweet and hilarious.

Come on. “I am not fast.” And the way he fist bumps. And just everything about him.

I’m pretty sure this is Disney’s first movie to be based on a comic. It’s definitely the first Disney movie to have Marvel characters in it. (Marvel owns the comic and Disney had recently bought Marvel.)

Yeah. I love this movie. I think people are trying desparately to re-assess every movie that TJ Miller is in and say that they’re terrible. Sure, HE’S terrible. But he’s basically a hired gun, and no one knew that he was terrible at this point. That didn’t come out until a year or two later. So let me still love this movie.

The only problem that it might have is that it tries really hard to be Pixar-esque. Disney will keep trying for that, but not really reach it until Wreck-It Ralph a couple of years later.

See it. See it with your brother. Then tell me that you hate it.