Bolt (2008)

Directed by: Chris Williams/Byron Howard

Written by: Dan Fogelman/Chris Williams

Disney has a habit of making a cute animal movie just before they have a Renaissance. First it was Oliver & Company and now Bolt. And, I gotta say, I kinda love this movie. It’s a lot of fun, action packed, has a pretty interesting premise, and some really good voice acting…although I was disappointed to find out that Bolt was voiced by John Travolta. He did a good job, but I would kind of rather it had been someone else.

Either way, I unabashedly love this movie. Maybe it’s still weak? I don’t know. The Disney Revival is up next, so this is the “transition” film. I guess they get better from here. But what’s better than a super hero dog? Definitely nothing is better than a super hero dog with cat and hamster sidekicks and a Jenny Lewis song.