Brother Bear (2003)

Directed by: Aaron Blaise/Robert Walker

Written by:Tab Murphy/Lorne Cameron/David Hoselton/Steve Bencich/Ron J. Friedman/Stevie Wermers-Skelton/Kevin Deters/Woody Woodman/Thom Enriquez/Kevin Harkey/Broose Johnson/John Norton/John Puglisi

Not as bad as I had feared, but still a really weird movie. I guess if you take it like a Native legend, it kinda makes sense. But it’s still just saying “Let’s be friends with bears as if Grizzly Man never happened.” In fact, I kept thinking of Werner Herzog’s speech about “the overwhelming indifference of nature.”

Either way, the end is still pretty effective even if the ultimate conclusion makes no sense at all.

The best parts of the movie are Bob & Doug Moosekenzie and the bits during the end credits. (Note that I did not mention the Phil Collins songs here. They’re not good. Tarzan was MUCH better.)