Home On The Range (2004)

Directed by: Will Finn/John Sanford

Written by: Will Finn/John Sanford/Micheal LaBash/Sam Levine/Mark Kennedy/Robert Lence

Bust a moo, indeed.

The Bonnie Raitt song is pretty good. The yodeling Randy Quaid scene is just incredibly weird, so I kinda liked it.

But there’s Rosanne. And there’s no characters that I care about. And the story is dumb. And the comedy is even dumber. And there’s Rosanne.

It’s as if Disney was trying for a 40s/50s Looney Tunes vibe, but they forgot to watch any actual Looney Tunes shorts.

Sadly, this killed Disney’s traditional animation studio for years. And then they only made two more after they brought it back.