Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018)

Directed by: Rich Moore/Phil Johnston

Written by: Phil Johnston/Pamela Ribon/Rich Moore/Jim Reardon/Josie Trinidad

Not many sequels are better than the already great originals. I don’t know that any animated sequels are better than the originals. But Ralph Breaks The Internet breaks that rule.

Six years after Ralph and Vanellope met, they’re best friends. But Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) is getting kind of bored. She wants a new track in Sugar Rush. She just needs some excitement. Ralph (John C Reilly), though, is content with doing the same thing day after day. And he can’t imagine life without Vanellope.

Ralph tries to help by making a new track, but that only succeeds in making a player break the steering wheel. Now it’s up to Ralph and Vanellope to go to the internet to find a new one. Ralph in confused by this world of E-Boys and Goggles. But Vanellope finds a world that she wants for herself: Slaughter Race. It’s everything she could ever want! Action, danger, adventure, and a different game every time it’s played! But Ralph just can’t let her do it. He’s so worried about her that he sabotages her happiness.

So this movie is all about co-dependency and learning how to break the cycle. That’s not something you usually see in your typical Disney movie. I’m really liking this new trend of dealing with severe psychological issues in a way that children an understand.

My biggest question is whose therapy session was this movie? Because I’ll be perfectly honest. It definitely worked as mine. It’s a hard movie to watch if you’ve ever been in a co-dependent relationship, but it’s so good. The folks who wrote it have been through some shit.

Like the first movie, this one is full of pop culture references to keep the adults interested, but they’re integrated organically and not just there to make you laugh and then forget that they ever happened. But my guess is that even some of the references to the past Disney princesses will go over some kid’s heads. (Especially references to their psychological torture. “Are you alright? Should I call someone?!”)

Disney’s next film is also a sequel. Does it make it to the heights of Ralph Breaks The Internet? Read on and see.