Tangled (2010)

Directed by: Nathan Greno/Byron Howard

Written by: Dan Fogelman

Based on story by: Brothers Grimm

Way better than you remember, and also way goofier. The first half of this movie is a straight up comedy after the princess is taken from her parents. Rapunzel is pretty funny in her innocence mixed with her toughness. She has amazing control of her hair and has a commanding chameleon.

Then Flynn arrives. He’s an ass. Like, no. An absolute ass. Every guy that we talk about today who is terrible? He’s him. But Rapunzel owns him pretty early on. And she actually changes him for the better! Still cocky, but actually really nice.

Tangled is an interesting movie. It’s hilarious and kinda feminist in a Disney story of way.

My beef, honestly, is the animation. Some of it is beautiful, like the lanterns and the dance in the village. But the characters look like wax at times.

Basically, I really miss traditional animation and I wish Disney would do it again.