Tarzan (1999)

Directed by: Kevin Lima/Chris Buck

Written by: Tab Murphy/Bob Tzudiker/Noni White/Stephen Anderson/Mark D. Kennedy/Carole Holliday/Gaƫtan Brizzi/Paul Brizzi/Don Dougherty/Ed Gombert/Randy Haycock/Don Hall/Kevin L. Harkey/Glen Keane/Burny Mattinson/Frank Nissen/John Norton/Jeff Snow/Michael Surrey/Christopher J. Ure/Mark Walton/Stevie Wermers/Kelly Wightman/John Ramirez

Based on novel by: Edgar Rice Burroughs

I watched this while I was on an extended hiatus from the site, so this will be a pretty brief review of what I remember.

Absolutely beautiful animation in a paper thin version of Burroughs story. I feel like Disney covered a lot of this with The Jungle Book, but I guess it’s a little different. The music certainly isn’t as good. Somehow, Phil Collins won an Oscar for this over the brilliant South Park movie. Phil’s music is ok, but it’s no “Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucker.”

This is the end of the Disney Renassaince. It’s kind of all downhill from here for 10 years.