Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981)

When was the last time Julia Duffy made you unzip your chest?

(aka Night Warning; Thrilled To Death; Nightmare Maker; The Evil Protege; Mrs Lynch; Momma’s Boy)

Overall Rating:

Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: William Asher
Written by: Steve Breimer/Alan Jay Glueckman/Bonn Collins

Definitely one of the better off-brand Nasties with an early performance by Julia Duffy at a time when Jimmy McNichol was actually a name. (I don’t know what for, though. Three episodes of Little House On The Prairie? California Fever? Being Kristy’s brother? Somehow, he was a HUGE star at the time this movie was made.)

It’s another “insane family member tries to keep the kid locked away because she thinks incest is best” story, but Susan Tyrell as the villainous aunt is pretty amazing. And Bo Svenson is the most homophobic asshole cop you’ll ever want to meet. Check that. You’ll never want to meet him. Ever.

I’ve seen a lot of the Nasties and this certainly isn’t the nastiest, but it’s one of the more watchable.

LOW POINT: Susan Tyrell is just great. She’s definitely the low/high point.