Expose (1976)

(aka Trauma)

Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: James Kenelm Clarke
Written by: James Kenelm Clarke

The last of the Nasties on my list!!

And it’s not very good. It’s about an author (Udo Kier dubbed by someone British) and his sex. No, really. That’s what it’s about. It’s pretty much just with Fiona Richmond who had a porn career at the time. His new secretary (Linda Hayden) likes to give herself a go a lot. Like, every other scene. Then a minor character comes back to life after about three days of lying in a field, bleeding out.

Oh, yeah. There are some murders here and there. They aren’t particularly graphic, really. Just some blood spread by the edge of a knife. But the Brits really had it in for movies when they started the list. Strangely, though, this is the only British film on the list. So either British films weren’t very violent (heh) or there was some bribery going on.

Anyway, this is pretty boring stuff. But if you’re into Udo Kier or Linda Hayden, you could do worse. Probably.

LOW POINT: Udo Kier being Udo Keir. Oh, and the guy who is absolutely dead, but comes back to life three days after he’s killed. Fuck that guy.