Island Of Death (1975)


Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: Nico Mastorakis
Written by: Nico Mastorakis

It don’t get much nastier than this, folks.

Christopher and Celia (Robert Behling and Jane Ryall) are just a young couple in love. They decide to go to a small island off the coast of Greece to get their heads on straight. When Celia wards off Christopher’s advances one morning, he goes out into the garden of the house that they are renting and fucks a goat.

Then he kills it.

And it never comes back up from these depths.

Turns out that the two young love-birds are actually serial killers who kill anyone they think is perverted. They are that worst of all animals, Christian Fundamentalists who are worse than any of the so-called perverts that they are so against. They knock off a married gay couple, a middle-aged hooker, a Frenchman…anyone they don’t agree with, basically.

And they do it in pretty horrible, nasty ways. The middle-aged hooker doesn’t just get beheaded. No, that would be too easy. They take her out to an empty parking lot and take her head off with a fucking bulldozer.

Every perversion you can think of is here. And, honestly, that’s what director Nico Mastorakis set out to do. He was a second time director and had just seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was pretty appalled, but he knew that they made money. So he decided to make the most perverse and violent film ever, just to make money. He didn’t agree with anything in the film. He just wanted something outrageous that lots of people would want to see. He was asked if he would let his kids see it. He has one daughter who, in 2001 when the DVD was released was a mature woman. He does not want her ever seeing the film. Not that he’s not proud of it. It made him the money he wanted and allowed him to do many more films. He just figures that he doesn’t want his daughter to think of her old man making that movie.

If I were him, I would probably say the same thing. The movie is pretty awful. Not just because of the content, but because of the quality. At the beginning, the two antagonists go into a little gift shop run by one of the gay men they end up killing. Celia picks up a red journal and tells Christopher that he needs it. “No! You know red books always bring me bad luck!”

The fuck you say?! Is this a new superstition I’ve never heard of?

The kids then run to a phone booth to call his mom…while having sex. “Guess what I’m doing, mom! Ugh! Ugh! UGH!!” He tells her almost exactly where he is, too. Then they’re surprised when a cop comes around who has been following them halfway across the world. “How did he know how to find us!?!?”

I dunno. Maybe because you told your mom while you were fucking?

The acting is just about the worst I’ve seen in any of the Nasties (and you KNOW that means something) and the writing is almost worse.

Would I recommend it, though? Oh, you know. If you’re a sick individual, maybe. It’s fun in a “what the fuck are they doing?!” sort of way, actually. I would certainly show it to some of my more Nasty-lovin’ friends. It’s probably one of the more entertaining of the bad Nasties. And certainly among the most offensive.

And THAT, my friends, is saying something again.

LOW POINT: HE FUCKS A FUCKING GOAT! Do I need to say it again?!

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