Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)


Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: Jorge Grau
Written by: Sandro Continenza/Marcello Coscia/Miguel Rubio (uncredited)/Juan Cobos (uncredited)

So many titles, so little time.

Spanish director Jorge Grau brings us a little film about zombies on the English countryside. Very Night Of The Living Dead (in fact, the producer wanted NOTLD in color) and, actually, almost as good. A woman backs into a guy’s bike and they end up going into the small town nearby together. She is attacked by a corpse which, conveniently, disappears before anyone else sees it. Eventually, the guy believes her, but the cops don’t. When other corpses end up popping up (including one cop) it looks like the young not-couple did it…even though most of them are killed in horrible, nasty ways.

It takes a while to really get going, but once it does the gore flies all over the screen. It’s a very good movie that, unfortunately, has been kinda forgotten about. The story is good, the reason for the living dead is different and the acting is actually pretty decent. Certainly one of the best of the Nasties. (Of course, being watchable makes it one of the best of the Nasties.) I’ll be looking for more Grau films after this. He says that he was only in the horror world for about 2-3 years, but that’s long enough to have made about 60 movies in those days.

LOW POINT: This is actually a really good movie, so there’s no real “low point.” It’s all a high point for the Nasties.

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