Love Camp 7 (1969)

Stop with the Nazis. I’m just done.

Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: Lee Frost (as RL Frost)
Written by: Bob Cresse (as RW Cresse)

Simultaneously the most misogynistic and the least graphic of the Nazi-sploitation movies that I’ve seen…and that’s saying a lot. This is about two women who are sent to pose as Jewish girls so that they’re put into a “love camp.” This is a camp for beautiful young women who are set with the task of pleasing German soldiers, against their will or not. They’re supposed to find another woman who has information that will help The Cause and get her out.

The women are tortured and raped, but there isn’t the typical blood and guts. Because it was made in 1969, that’s mostly kept off-screen or under clothing. All of them who are supposedly raping these women keep their pants on. (Which is not to say that the women aren’t being sexually assaulted. They absolutely are. But there really doesn’t seem to be any sex going on. Just a lot of groping, grinding, and kneading.)

I’m not a big fan of this genre for obvious reasons. It’s really weird to me that it was so popular for so long. There’s a weird place in my heart for Ilsa, but not much room for any other Nazis. This movie hasn’t changed my mind. And not just because it seems like it was shot on the cast and crew’s days off from Hogan’s Heroes.

I get why it was (briefly) a Nasty. Even without the explicitness, it’s still pretty nasty. I still have one more of these movies to watch. Pray for me.

LOW POINT: There are Nazis. But I think the torture device that’s just a pointed sawhorse is a pretty bad low.