SS Experiment (1976)


Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: Sergio Garrone
Written by: Sergio Chiusi/Sergio Garrone/Vinicio Marinucci


After Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS was such a huge hit in 1975, everyone wanted a taste of the Nazi pleasure machine. It was a pretty disgusting sub-set of the torture/women in prison genre. I mean, it’s bad enough that it’s almost always women getting tortured. Now it Nazis doing the torturing. (They never actually say that the women are Jews, but there are certain implications…besides the fact that it’s Nazis and that pretty much equals Jewish torture.)

This one is about a concentration camp that uses women for sexual experiments. Of course. There’s also some slicing and dicing, but it’s mostly women running around naked and being forced to have sex with Nazi soldiers, one of whom seems to be having some moral difficulties with the whole thing. Helmut is a reader, not a killer. And he’s constantly being made fun of by his bunkmates…who all hang out together in their underwear. No homo-eroticism here.

He’s also falling in love with one of the prisoners. They’re forced to have sex early on, but she tells him that she wouldn’t have to be drugged to do it. “Do what you must.” This they now do.

There’s also a side story about a Jewish doctor (he is actually Jewish) who has been passing as a gentile and is now working as a surgeon at the camp. He’s found out pretty early on, but the director of the camp doesn’t care. Just so the old man knows he’s being watched, everything should be fine, right?


He is forced to do some pretty horrible experiments throughout the film, including using air pressure to see how much the human eardrum can withstand. (It ain’t much, by the way.)

The acting and writing (and filmmaking in general) is about on par with your typical Nasty…which means it’s pretty inept. And the transfer is obviously taken from a crappy video. There’s occasional video roll and the picture is often dark and murky. (It was released by Exploitation Digital if you’re curious.)

This movie is basically all about women getting tortured. That pretty much equals “not for me.” It should equal “not for anyone.” Sadly, that isn’t as true as we’d like it to be.

The movie came under fire again recently because England let it pass in 2006 with no cuts saying that the movie wasn’t illegal, only tasteless. Suddenly, about a year later, there was a short burst of outcries about it. I think the government has ignored it. Whatever. It’s a crappy movie, but there’s nothing particularly “Nasty” about it. I mean, subject matter-wise, it’s super nasty. Women being forced to have sex with men they don’t want to have sex with is…well…rape. (But, ya know…Nazis.) But gore-wise, it’s just kinda meh.

LOW POINT: The Jewish doctor being forced to transplant Helmut’s balls (in a very graphic fashion) to the colonel. When he tries to have sex with his woman, he goes insane. “AUAUAUAUAUAGGHHH!!!! I’m not able to make love to you!!!!!” When he walks in on the colonel having sex, he says, “How have you been doing with my balls?”

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