SS Hell Camp (1977)


Overall Rating:

Nastiness Rating:

Directed by: Luigi Batzella
Written by: Luigi Batzella/Lorenzo Artale

The poignant story of a group of freedom fighters working from within to bring down the Nazi death machine. With heartbreaking scenes of Nazis killing young children, this is an important work of touching vibrancy.


Ok, I’m just kidding. It’s actually a movie made in the wake of Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS. It was made specifically to exploit sadism. They may have said at the time that it was made to call attention to the evils of the Nazis, but no one was really fooled. It’s all about crazy, uncomfortable sex scenes, shooting babies while throwing them in the air and shooting pretty young women in the parts.

Just a few examples of how the filmmakers JUST DIDN’T CARE!:

  • How is it that Nazis manage to shoot people with machine guns without hitting the people behind the victims? Physics be damned!
  • There are very obvious stock footage scenes…or are they scenes from another movie? All I know is that sometimes the print suddenly becomes VERY scratchy and we don’t see anyones’ faces. Hmmmmm….
  • Actual line from a priest: “The Lord won’t betray you. He’s the best!”
  • Actual line from a torture victim: “AAGH! You’re hurting me.”
  • About half an hour in, the crew’s shadow is in the shot. And I’m not talking, like, a split second, only a film geek would notice. No, this is a full 15 seconds of crew shadow moving across a giant red swastika. You can even tell what the focus puller is doing! It’s almost as if they wanted to make a cameo.
  • Those model planes are dangerous! They keep bombing innocent people!

Fuck this movie. Yeah, maybe it belongs in the “so bad it’s good” category. But it’s not exactly a movie you can rent for a party to laugh at. I mean, there’s all that torture and baby killing…and that’s actually really fucking disturbing! It’s exploitation of a type that I just can’t get behind at all. Not even in a “hey, it was the times” way.

LOW POINT: Mongo pulling a woman’s bits and pieces out and eating them. The female commander of the camp and her lesbian lover get off a little bit. So much yuck going on there.

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